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New Rep Start Up

Our Welcome Video

 Step One - Setting You Up For Success

  Setting You Up For Success                                                         Inner Critic - Great Homework

 Step Two - Get Started

Get Your New Rep Started  

(Password - revolution)

New Rep Launch Video
Partner Quick Start Page
New Rep's Can Experience
Fast Results From Teamzy
Scripts To Import Into Teamzy
Be Professional & Follow Up
The Importance of Connection Calls
Connection Calls With Scripts

 Understanding The Numbers - Lee Haddad

*Please note the below links will not work if you have not been added to Team Bee and Design Your Sweet Life facebook groups


Check out these awesome resources for making your first social media post:

Creating Curiosity/Verbiage

New Post Ideas/Verbiage:


Check out these links testimonials and stories:



 Step Three - Book Events

Launch Call With Personal Story 
In Home Protein Ball Party
In Home Salad Jar Party

Other event ideas are : Your Sweet Body online or in person event, Wine and Wellness or Smoothie Party. 

 Step Four - Sponsor To Do List

*Sponsor to do list can be found on Password - revolution

Read/Purchase These Books:

*Play Video to introduce them to our teams virtual assistant Nikki Webb

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