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 Step One - Setting You Up For Success

  Setting You Up For Success                                                         Inner Critic - Great Homework

 Step Two - Get Started

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The Importance of Connection Calls
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 Understanding The Numbers - Lee Haddad

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Check out these awesome resources for making your first social media post:

Creating Curiosity/Verbiage

New Post Ideas/Verbiage:


Check out these links testimonials and stories:



 Step Three - Book Events

Launch Call With Personal Story 
In Home Protein Ball Party
In Home Salad Jar Party

Other event ideas are : Your Sweet Body online or in person event, Wine and Wellness or Smoothie Party. 

 Step Four - Sponsor To Do List

*Sponsor to do list can be found on Password - revolution

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*Play Video to introduce them to our teams virtual assistant Nikki Webb


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