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Partner Plus Meeting

Congratulations You have achieved Partner + rank!

1. It is so important to care about and educate your customers. If you do this properly throughout their first year on the product you will have a lifelong customer and maybe even a future team member!

2. Here are the next steps: QSC & SC - watch these videos to learn more: 

3. Make sure you've properly followed up with all 100 people on your list. The goal is to have them all watch your recorded launch event. 

4. It is now time to focus on building your dream team. We do this by creating conversations with 20 people in the next month and bringing them through our Sweet Life System. 

5. As you sponsor team members, your goal is to get them to Partner +. Click HERE to watch the Partner + video. After that, you want to continue to support them to get them to QSC. To become an NMD all you have to do is become a QSC factory.

6. Take some time to browse throughout the Tools/Training tab for important product and business documents and to build up your own belief around the product, company, marketing plan, networking marketing industry and most importantly, YOU! 

Sponsor Homework

a) Set a call with your team member after they have read through this page on their own. 

b) Set QSC & SC Dates with them​.

c) Have a conversation with them regarding Step 4. Identify and work through any fears. Brainstorm who they really admire as high-quality prospects.

d) Go through their profile page on Instagram and Facebook to help them clean it up. 

e) Find out what your team member would rate themselves out of 10 in the following categories and then have them focus on that area's resources: 

  • Product

  • Company

  • Marketing Plan

  • Industry

  • Self 

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