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The Sweet Life System

What to do daily?

  1. Mind Set

  2. Social Media

  3. Invite to Events

  4. Follow up

  5. Customer Care

Spending time daily improving your mindset is one of the most important things you can do.  It will have a tremendous impact on every area of your life.  Research has shown that how you "think" about your abilities will determine your results.   Reading, prayer, meditation, journaling, repeating affirmations, reviewing your vision board or practicing gratitude are some of the many ways to become better and move past limiting beliefs.   As your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it".

How are you choosing to start every day and be in a state of  "HIGH VIBES"?

1. Mindset

2. Social Media

1.  Create conversation invoking posts on your social media platforms. You can see examples of these on our Team Bee Facebook group - click photos - click albums. When people comment on your posts use FROG for conversation starters:

F - Where are you From?  

R - What do you like to do for fun/Recreation?  

O - What line of work (Occupation) are you in?  

G- What Goals have you been working on over the last few months?

Your GOAL is to FIND THEIR PAIN? ( ie. money, health, lack of community). When you find out what they are struggling with, ask a question similar to the following two examples:



"I don't know if this is for you, but has anyone ever shared Juice Plus with you?"



"I don't know if this is for you, but have you ever considered doing an online business?"

2.  Sending DM's

“Hey ______, I know we haven't spoken in a while, how are the kiddos? (This first sentence can be tweaked but the rest of the message should be left untouched) I'm not sure if you've seen what I've been up to lately, but I now own a health and wellness business. ☺ I'm wanting to build my dream team and thought of you. I love your (insert what you love about them) and feel this might align with your values and I'd   love to work with you ☺ I don't know if this would interest you but, would you be open to taking a look at what I do?”

3. Inviting to an event or watch a Video

Once they have said yes to learning more, give them a few options.  You can say something like this: We have some online info sessions.  They will give you an overview of everything and then after we can chat and I can answer any of your questions. We run them  Mondays and Thursdays at 2pm and 8pm. What works better for you?  Do not say anything until they answer....they are thinking :)

If they are not open to jumping on an info call, the next option is to....

Ask if they would prefer to watch a short video clip?

 (grab one from the (

Then you can say something like:

"Ok awesome! I'll sending you a short video clip that explains more. (and if you have a relatable story you can also send a voice message about your story).  And then I'll give you a shout back on "date" .  Does that sound good? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts."

4. Follow up to get a Yes, a No or a 3 way call 

It's important to get a yes or a no from your prospect. A no can be celebrated just as much as a yes because that means you did your follow up like a pro!

Follow Up: (The fortune is in the follow up)

Did you know that it can often take an average of  7-10 follow ups before you get a YES or a NO!! Please don't give up on people.  Life is busy for everyone!

Examples of follow ups:

What did you like best about the video?

Isn't it cool that 26 years ago this company figured out how to put fruits and veggies into a capsule/chewable?

Can I help set you up with an order today?

Are you excited to join me for our next shred? We just need to get your order in this week, so that you receive it in time for the start.  Can I send over my link to order?

Or, if your prospect is still on the fence with objections or questions, invite them onto a three-way call using one of the following two techniques: 

1. They have asked a question such as "What do I get with the $52 fee?" 

You say: "It's probably easiest if we jump on a call and I can answer all your questions.  Would ___ or ___  work for you?" (offer two time slots that work with you and whoever is doing the three-way call with you). Once on the phone with your prospect, say: 

"Hey, I've got my friend Nicole on the phone with us as she will be better able to answer all of your questions.  She's awesome.  She's been doing this business/running a shred for a long time (edify them).  

2. If they have hesitations or objections such as "I wouldn't be good at sales."


You respond: "You know what? My friend Nicole felt the same way. I would love for you to hear her story. I'm just going to add her to this message so she can share it with you." 

The intention of this messenger thread is to have your "friend" quickly share their story and lead it to a three-way call by saying something like: "It's so much easier on the phone. Can we pop on a call at ___ or ___?" (offer two time slots that work with you and whoever is doing the three-way call with you). 

Here are some guidelines to execute a 3-way call:

Watch an example of a 3-way call and role play with your upline

Sample Verbiage Training with your upline

Once they become a Customer or Partner now what?

New Customer - Add them to our Design Your Sweet Life Page for daily inspiration and ask if they would be interested in our monthly newsletter where we provide: recipes, health seminars, inspirational stories and more. You can add them yourself at   You just need their email.

New Partner -  Add them to our private FB group Team Bee. Welcome them on teambee FB page.Invite them to the  New Partner Launch Call on Mondays at 9pm EST and our Team Call on Wednesdays 830pm EST.  

* Typical Results you can expect from this funnel (if you are having 20 conversations per month): 

20 conversations means:

8 will say yes to an event,  4 will want more info, 2 will jump on a three-way call, 1 will join your team

Remember the people that say no are the biggest asset in your business. They have all the info and now they are watching your journey unfold. 

5. Customer Care

Love on your customers often and they will become customers for life and a strong referral base and possibly one of your new team members. Your best partners often come from happy customers!

How well are you taking care of your customers?

Keeping Track of Everything

Paper lists will go missing and you will forget.  You need a system to keep track of all of your prospects, customers, teammates and dates for follow up. is ideal.  Or Google Docs or even an excel spread sheet is a good way to begin.

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