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Post  Launch  Meeting

Congratulations You have officially launched your business!

1. Check out this video (add video here) to learn more about how to get to QSC, and track your progress to QSC by using this tracker form (add form here)


2. Learn how to follow-up with people from your events by clicking here

3. Click on the following titles to learn how to use your Virtual Office:

How do I set up my Juice Plus websites?

How do I place a Juice Plus order online?

How do I place a Children's Health Study order online?

How do I place a Tower Garden order online?

How do I change the shipment date of an order?

How do I set up a new member?

4.  The most important thing you need to do now is to care for your customers


5. Check out the upcoming events and commit to the next training event.

6. Check out this VIDEO about sharing on social media. Here is a great GUIDE with some social media post examples.

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